Is conducting its activities in many fields since the year of 1974 with our brand named Günsan Olimpik, with personal or corporate projects including office furniture, sofa suites, chairs, school desks, work, cinema and conference armchairs with the principles of quality and customer satisfaction.
Our corporation, from the day of its foundation, is moving towards the future with confident steps by upgrading its technological infrastructure and its wide product range with each passing day. Günsan, who has the Turkish Standards Institute (TSE) and ISO 9001:2008 quality standard certificates, is choosing its suppliers from certified and known corporations in accordance with its total quality perspective for production. It is conducting quality control at every step of the production, from the delivery of the product to its installation and after sales services.
Günsan, by following current developments not only in our country but also in the world, aims to provide the most contemporary and modern designs to its clients.

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